Monday, May 15, 2006

Sick again... :-(

Ugh. I thought for SURE sleeping and taking extra precautions this weekend would mean I wouldn't end up sick. I was wrong. :-(

Sore throat, achiness, low-grade temperature... yuck.

On top of that, I have a feeling that this is just the early stages of something and the doctor won't have enough visible symptoms to put me on anything yet. :-(

Going back to bed in the meantime...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Two Hands

We're down to two hands' worth of school. (That's 10 fingers/days, for the population who interacts with adults most of the day! ;-D)

TGIF became GTIF (Good Thing It's Friday) today. Holy. It was crazy today. I'm tired now just thinking about it (and that's AFTER the several-hour nap!)... wow.

Temperatures outside were cool; tempers were FLARING though. It was such an ugly day with people backstabbing, grumping, and generally whining. Martyrs were everywhere. Teachers were even sick of one another, but trying not to take it out on one another... subs throughout the building, which is responsible for an proportionally inversely related to the maturity level of the students.

Not pretty, indeed.

On a positive note, it's the weekend, ten days left, and my husband is home from Cal-i-for-n-i-a. :-)

Life is good, indeed.

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