Saturday, February 02, 2008


I don't like hot tea. I like the idea of tea. I like the concept of curling up with a warm mug to soothe one's very soul. I like the idea of old-fashioned tea cups. Tea parties? Sounds like fun to me. But actual TEA? No thanks.

So I'm sick. And what's the only thing that feels good on my throat that doesn't make me go into a ridiculous coughing fit for twenty minutes? Yup. Tea. Couldn't be hot chocolate (which I love the taste of)... nope. Couldn't be a cold, cold glass of milk. Nope. Hot tea. Blech.

So Bob has been good to me and has been strongly suggesting (and offering to fix) hot tea. I've been forcing myself to drink it because I know it will usually soothe my throat. But... blech.

Actually, there are two other things that are so much bigger than tea in my life right now. I'm sick. Started with strep throat and moved to a hacky bronchitis. Hasn't moved on yet. Second? My kid brother is getting deployed to Iraq again... over a year this time. My SIL will be handling the twins (born Thanksgiving weekend) on her own. Yikes. God bless her though, if anyone can do it, it's her!

Yeah. Almost time for cough syrup with codeine. Here's hoping sleep quickly follows!

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