Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yesterday the heat in my classroom was unreal for October. At one point it was in the 90-degree range. Blech. Way too hot for October, especially with restless seventh graders.

Today... ah... today... the temp was in the 70's and my students were so much more congenial. (All except for one young man who decided to speak up about the "d*** story" we had read. He spent time in the office after that, needless to say.) I enjoyed teaching more because the heat wasn't so oppressive. It's amazing what a difference 24 hours can make.

Then, on my way home, I saw a leaf blowing in the wind. I know, it's not a huge deal, but I finally felt as if fall had really arrived. The leaves started to change colors a few weeks ago, but now they are starting to FALL. Like the temperature, we are easing into a new season. I started smiling just thinking about it.

As I was picking up David from daycare, the woman told me that he had a temperature of 101.7. I brought him home and put him to bed, as he had been fussy. When we got him up a few hours later, his temperature had climbed to 103.3. :-( We called Bob's mom (a former nurse) and the pediatrician's office. I went out to get the suggested Children's Motrin and Pedialyte. Our little man's temperature has gone down slightly, but it just breaks my heart when he isn't himself. (I know, I know... compared to what some parents go through, this is nothing. But to us, it's still disconcerting.)

So here's to falling temperatures... in all of their forms.

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