Monday, July 28, 2008

Bad Blogger

I've been negligent in my blogging duties. End of the school year... graduate classwork... a toddler... nope. I have no excuses. I've just been negligent. Now I'm TRYING to post and I can't get the enter key to start a new paragraph. Grr... guess I'll just have to ramble. :-D The little guy is sleeping at the moment. He took no morning nap, so we'll see how this works out. Belle (the dog) keeps guarding us and announcing when people go by... which would be fine if we lived on a remote farm or a gated community... but we live smack dab downtown... and lots of people walk, bike, and drive by. Do we really need to have each and every one announced, Belle? Yup. Thanks little puppy. Remember this when YOU try to take a nap later and the toddler comes over and wakes you up. I'm working on teaching him the phrase, "Turnabout is fair play," so he can whisper it in your ear as he pulls on it and wakes you up. :-D

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