Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring break... almost

In fifteen hours, I'll officially be on spring break. WOOHOO! I'm ready.

I want so play with our little man... watch him roll over, listen to him giggle, and hold him while I feed him his bottles.

I want to get papers graded. Since I was sick last week, I am way behind in my grading and I feel like there about a million things that I need to do.

I want to do some creative things... maybe knit a little, or make a few cards, or even do a few scrapbook pages. I need to unleash a little of my right brain. :-)

Spring is such a hopeful time... things are in bloom; potential is starting to be unleashed; life is good.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I am starting to get hopeful again...

Two weeks ago I hit a big puddle and hydroplaned on my way in to work. After that, my clutch was (literally) a pain to shift. I was able to drive in first and fourth gears only. (Makes for some interesting driving, as my morning route entails stopping and starting on a highway if I get stuck behind any school busses.) Took some help from my husband and our mechanic, but my car is back up and running well.... so that's hopeful. :-)

Last week I got smacked by a virus that knocked my flat. I was exhausted, had zero energy, had drainage in my throat and head, was dizzy periodically, and started coughing. I was fearful that it was my yearly bout with bronchitis, so I went to my doctor. Turns out I had the early stages of bronchitis and a double ear infection. Yuck. A Z-pack, a week off school (doc's orders), and sleep, sleep and sleep... and I'm hopeful again.

This week is two days done and three more to go and our spring break is here for a week! Again, hopeful...

The week afterward our babysitter is going to be gone on vacation, and DH is gone out of state for some training so we're in a bind for David-care. My husband worked really hard and has lined up friends who will be helping us out. We are truly blessed to have so many people care for us... and our little miracle man. :-) Again... hopeful!

Plus, it's spring. This is usually not my favorite season... (I prefer crisp fall and winter weather, myself.), but things are starting to bloom. We have a mourning dove who has decided an old hanging basket on our front porch is the perfect place to start a family and has been nesting... I feel like she needs a stable home until her little one(s) can leave the nest. Maybe it's the newly-tapped mothering intinct in me, but I feel hopeful for them too... pretty sappy. ;-)

Life is good.

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