Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow Days

OK, so the snow days were actually two and three weeks ago, but I feel as if I am still trying to catch up on things from them. Interims were due early last week, but so many kids had missing work because we were out those five days and they kept forgetting to check the online gradebook to see what was missing and/or then forgetting to get the make-up work from me so I could get it graded. As a result, they turned things in right before my grades were due and I didn't have time to get them all graded and into the online gradebook. I'm relieved that it was interims and not our actual gradecard, as that would have been much more difficult to make adjustments to later.

The plus side of those snow days? Well, a few days at home with my little man, of course! :-) Just spending the time holding him, hugging him, loving on him... it was wonderful!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mittens versus Formula

That seems to be the "debate-du-jour" with our little son today. He's just a-grinning away and rolls around the nipple of the bottle on his tongue. Then he sticks his mittened (to keep from scratching himself and others) hands into his mouth.

I was debating what I love most about the handsome guy the other day. Is it his perfect little mouth? Maybe it's his bright, dark eyes? Maybe it's the dimple under his mouth that gets formula stuck in it? Or it could be the talking (cooing/babbling) that he does? I should just face facts: I'm completely, totally, unabashedly in love with the little man. No apologies... just love.

When we were first considering adoption, I briefly wondered if it would be possible to bond with someone else's biological child. It is. It sooo is possible, and probable! His looks simply remind me of more people who love him. I see in his face his biological brother, mom, dad, and sister. His smile reminds me of the hours spent in the maternity ward back in October. His wiggling reminds me of his biological sister squirming in Bob's arms the day we first met them all. We are so blessed that we will be able to share these wonderful people with him. (Although we are still trying to figure out what that future connection with them might be... open adoptions can vary so much and we all want to do what is best for the children involved.)

I feel as if I'm taunting you if I don't give you a picture of him... so one is added to this message that was taken this week.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

School... or lack thereof

I've had a six-day weekend this past week. Saturday night/Sunday morning our little man had a 102 degree fever, so we went to the Children's Hospital ER to make sure we weren't missing something major. They checked him out and said it was viral, but without doing a complete blood work-up they couldn't specify what it was. I asked if the treatment at this age (just under four months) would be any different for different viral infections and the doctor said that the treatment would be pretty much the same (lots of rest/fluids for the little man). Bob and I couldn't see putting the little man through bloodwork when in the end we would be doing the same treatment anyway. (Why poke and prod an already miserable, sick baby? Heck, I don't even like being poked and prodded when I'm WELL. :-D)

So... I stayed home Monday to take care of the handsome sicky. :-)

Tuesday, we had snow... then ice.... then snow... then more ice... and finally a bit of snow on the top. I'm guessing we have about 7 or 8 inches snow and about 1 to 2 inches of ice that came down in the form of freezing rain. In short, no school. Wednesday... no school. Today? Two-hour delay... and no school. Tomorrow? Two-hour delay... and, in all likelihood, school. The kids are going to be batty, having been cooped up because of the ice. Hormonal (Valentine's Day), sugared-up (Valentine's Day), and stir-crazy (snow days) kids... it's days like tomorrow that we should earn combat pay. ;-)

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