Wednesday, August 16, 2006

School... or birthday?

Yesterday was my birthday, but school is starting up... which to write about here? Both, of course!

My birthday was low-key, but fun. Bob and I went out to Red Lobster and it was mmmm--good! He also bought cheesecake to enjoy here at home. Sweet guy! People at school weren't aware of the date, so I made them aware! (Leos... what are you going to do about them? ;-D) Most of them eventually sang to me... some more than once. Very fun. :-)

School... wow. I can't believe it's gearing up again. Seems like I was just counting down days for last year. I'm looking forward to making adjustments in the curriculum of things that just didn't work last year. Changes might be in presentation method or in assignment details... depends on the topic/state standard.

My mind is racing and I just can't figure out how to verbalize it here with school. So much is happening and I just don't know how to sort it all out in my head just yet. More later!

Friday, August 11, 2006


My world is in motion. I've been in to school the past few days, learning computer "stuff", visiting my friends, and getting my room ready. It's starting. I'm nervous, always am this time of year. I ask myself so many questions:

"Will I be a better teacher this year than last?"
"Who will my students be this year as we begin... what will they grow into as we learn together?"
"What are the parents going to be like? Are they the overly-anxious types? Do they love their children? Are they the sort who indeed make sure that their children have the most basic needs of food, safety, and shelter?"
"Will my heart ache for them as they struggle over things they can't control?"
"Are my goals for myself too ambitious, or am I setting my sights too low?"

Guess I'll learn the answers... starting in twelve days. :-)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


When we were on vacation to the Seattle/Olympia area, we took a ferry ride up to Victoria, BC for the day. We saw Butchart Gardens while we were there and walked up and down the main "drag" before boarding the ferry to come back to the States.

That ferry ride was amazing. The sunset was gorgeous... 100% calming and serene. I took lots of pictures from that ferry ride. Some of them simply because the view was spectacular. Others I took because it was inspiring to be there with nothing immediately that I had to do... nothing so pressing that it couldn't wait. It seems like so much in life is demanding. This was time away, an escape I haven't felt since I was in Belgium. The fresh, ocean air... the ambiguity of being in between two countries... the laughter shared with family members... it was a moment I wanted to snag and hold near to my heart. I hope you enjoy this picture; I have many more that are mine to cherish, along with the memories.

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