Sunday, December 02, 2007


These two beautiful angels are my new nephew (Thomas Shannon) and niece (Anna Jean). They were born this past week to my brother and sister-in-law and I am in awe of these two little siblings. These newest Army "brats" are in Texas and their adoring aunt, uncle, and cousin David are clear up here in Ohio. They are in good hands though... and we plan on meeting them during my spring break near Easter. My brother will be in Iraq by then, but hugging and doting on these two will take away some of the sting of missing him.

If you haven't done so already today, take a moment right now and go hug someone you love. Seriously. Squeeze them. Have the little ones squeal that you are hugging too tightly. Tell them you couldn't help it... you just love them so much and needed to tell them about it.

On a different note, look at Thomas's facial expression. I can't decide if he looks like he's peeking ("Has Mommy taken the picture yet?") or if he is having a serious conversation with someone through a dream, being as he is so fresh from Heaven himself. What amazing gifts from God!

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