Sunday, April 29, 2007

He's OURS!

This is our little man... OUR little man. As of Friday, this little guy is ours! I am so incredibly in awe of him. He was so good during our time in the courtroom and was also enamoured with the judge. He kept staring at her... very cute. (I'd post pictures of the courtroom, but I didn't have my digital camera with me and the 35mm film isn't back yet. My FIL did take digitals, so once they return to their home, we will get digital pics from him.)
Speaking of digitals, I was playing the other day and got this picture of David in a little wool jacket one of my friends bought for him in Yellow Springs. Isn't he just the CUTEST? All I could think of once I got him in this jacket is that he looks like he belongs in Diagon Alley from a Harry Potter movie scene. ;-)
Wow. He's ours. Forever. Why is this so hard to believe? I keep staring at the word "forever" and I am just amazed. The journey to that word has been so long that it's still a little surreal to me. Forever. What a beautiful concept!
Time to go check in on him while he's sleeping. He truly is our angel.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Boo Boo Bah

"Boo boo bah" is the phrase du jour. Our little man is in one of his swing/play thingees and he is just babbling and babbling at me. If I repeat back the current phrase, he just giggles and giggles at me. Very adorable! :-) Have I mentioned lately that I am in love? :-D

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